Cisco Unified Communication Tools


This page is a collection of Cisco Unity and Cisco Unity Connection related tools.  Most of the tools offered here also ship with Unity or Unity Connection, however this site always contains the latest version of all tools.  Many of the tools out here are TAC and BU supported, however a few are not.  Those that are not TAC supported are clearly marked as such.  If a tool is not supported by TAC, it is a "use at your own risk" tool.  You can get help with these tools using the public forum (link below), but TAC will not assist you.


If you have questions about Unity or Connection in general, suggestions for the site, new tools or updates to existing ones, head out to the Unity Forum and post your request there.

Site News

1/25/2014 - Tools updated for 10.0 release, many enhancements for migrations (targeted at moving from hardware installs to virtual only installs smoothly and quickly) are in the works.

11/22/2013 - Prepping site for 10.0 release, adding TOI material for release and made available in "Training" section of site

7/8/2013 - Marked several Unity Connection tools as TAC supported after a round of training material was released and reviewed.  Nearly all Unity Connection 9.0 and later based tools are now fully TAC supported

6/25/2013 - Added Unity Connection 10.0 to the version list and included 10.0 training for the upcoming release later this year.

1/20/2013 - Updated most Unity Connection tools to support installs on Windows 8.

1/13/2013 - Switched hosting providers over the weekend - increased capacity, bandwidth and speed among other things.

11/15/2012 - Site experienced it's first outtage in 9 years this morning - had to rebuild on a new server. Be looking for anything missing (especially training videos and any other non essential link items).
11/10/2012 - Starting to provide support for Windows 8 installations on a few tools - User Data Dump and COBRAS Export for Connection first.  Others will come moving forward.


Tool Update Log